CHICK-8 is an ncurses-based CHIP-8 emulator.



To install dependencies and build chick-8:

$ make deps
$ make all

To build a self-contained, relocatable application directory:

$ make clean
$ make bundle


usage: chick-8 [options ...] <file>
  timer-speed:     n    (Hz)
  processor-speed: n    (Hz)
  keypress-weight: n    (cycles)
  keymap:          name (layout)

The program's default parameters are:

$ chick-8 timer-speed: 60 processor-speed: 600 keypress-weight: 80

More information about CHICK-8 and how to use it can be found in the program's manual page.

CHIP-8 programs of diverse quality can be found scattered across the web, for example here, here and here. CHICK-8 should run any valid CHIP-8 ROM, though you may have to adjust its processor speed slightly for some games in order to avoid missing sprites when the game's draw cycle aligns poorly with the terminal redraw rate.


Copyright (c) 2016 Evan Hanson

BSD-style license. See LICENSE for details.